Untapped Habits of Highly Successful Women

Successful people share common habits. Learn how to make use of these common but not so common habits of highly successful women to become even more successful in your endeavours.


It is a widely agreed-upon fact that actions speak louder than words. Sure, talking about a certain topic may show your thoughts on the said matter – but what you actively do about it speaks volumes. Most of the actions you regularly perform on a habitual basis, end up defining you and your character more than words ever could. It is your habits that will determine if your path is one filled with failure or success.

Time and time again, you come across the incredible accomplishments of successful women and feel inspired to achieve more. However, you may wonder where exactly to start; wishing there was a roadmap that led to success. Through delving deeper into the practices of successful women, you may find that most of them have a common set of habits that they all adhere to. Let’s talk about what these habits are, and how you can adapt these to your pathway of success.

habits of successful women

8 Habits of Highly Successful Women You Can Emulate Now

1. Setting Goals for Yourself and Abiding by Them

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”  – Tony Robbins

Have you ever gotten into a car without first knowing what the destination is? Likewise, it is prudent to first envision an end goal for yourself, to enable you to plan. The very first step to success is knowing what you want and letting that motivate you to achieve it. A successful woman has confidence in herself and sets objectives for herself to craft an action plan to accomplish them.

2. Waking Up Early

Here are the names of just a few highly successful ladies who start their day early, the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, and actress Jennifer Aniston.

Being a morning person is a habit that all successful people share. It is a habit that increases productivity and makes you much more fruitful throughout the day. The way you start your morning sets the bar for the rest of the day, and every successful woman is cognizant of this and uses the early morning to the best of her advantage. It doesn’t matter if it’s to plan out the rest of the day or to work on projects, know those mornings are a successful woman’s key for getting so much more out of her day. 

3. Working out and Staying Healthy

 In case you were wondering what exactly these successful women mentioned earlier set out to do, first thing in the morning. Well in an interview, Michelle Obama stated that she “usually gets to the gym before [Barack] does. But he is usually there either in the middle of my workout or right at the end,” she relates of their side-by-side workout sessions. Whilst many successful women like Jennifer Aniston wake up early to meditate.

Working and meditation have a multitude of proven physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing one’s attention span, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health and so much more. So it’s important to realise that success isn’t just about the grind it involves actively caring for yourself.

4. Minimize your Distractions

Here’s a lesson straight from one of my heroes, literary legend, Maya Angelou. To get her creative juices flowing, Maya Angelou was known to wake up at about 5:30 in the morning, rent a hotel room where she would retire to write, despite owning a reasonably large house.  Angelou kept to herself because she needed to hear herself think when she was writing. “You have to get to a very quiet place inside yourself,” she mentioned in an interview.

Even if solitude isn’t for you or not possible, minimizing your distractions will serve you well. A common habit of successful women is to make tough decisions, to make sacrifices; often it means saying no to watching six hours of the new romance series on Netflix! Focus is necessary to drive your actions through.

5. Knowing when to Take a Break

While work should be high up on your priority list, it is also important that you make sure you don’t burn yourself out. Every successful woman realizes that there’s a time for giving her hardest to work, but it is also equally important to take some time for your wellbeing and self-care. She understands that while work is her goal, it’s not everything and that it’s perfectly fine to take some timeout to relax and spend time with friends and family.

The key to being a successful woman is balance, too often we try to be everything to everyone, and once in a while you need to take off the hats you wear and simply rest and recharge.

6. Realizing What Is Important

There are always two kinds of tasks when it comes to work, those that need to be done right away, and those that can wait a while. Prioritizing the most important tasks first can sound a little too easy and unimportant, but effective time management goes a long way in trying to be successful. Never underestimate the importance of having clarity in regards to where you wish to start and where you want to end up. Begin your week knowing which few tasks will yield the most results and then plan your daily tasks around these. Having this overview will also enable you to see how much progress you’ve made and which areas you need to pay more attention to.

7. Cultivate a Reading and Learning Habit

The difference between those who are successful, and those who are not, has always been a thirst to acquire more knowledge; in other words to never stop learning. Successful women are filled with a life-long passion for personal growth and improvement, acquiring new knowledge, and conquering new skills. Successful women know that learning is a  process that continues throughout life and often makes time to read and learn despite their schedules being filled with many important tasks.

 Successful women are aware that succeeding in life requires being flexible and adaptable to making changes in their business, career, and relationships that result in more positive outcomes that align with their purpose. She also understands that there is always something or the other to be learned from every interaction and each experience, and if there is ever a subject she doesn’t fully comprehend, she ensures she goes the extra mile to educate herself on it.

8. Taking an Initiative

As a woman on the path to imminent success, there is one phrase that you will need to delete out of your vocabulary once and forever- “I can’t”. Telling yourself that you can’t achieve something is not only demoralizing but also a sure way to damage your self-esteem and confidence. Both of wishes are essential to achieving success and living an abundant life. Even when unsure of exactly how to complete a certain task, every successful woman knows the first step is self-belief and then taking action knowing that along the way the exact how will become clearer.

 A successful woman is an opportunity seeker and always on her toes to jump at the chance of a promising opportunity. 

These common habits of successful women are ones each of us can adopt or continue to practice on our journey to create the lives we deserve. There remain no excuses to prevent you from having more, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on your journey with its ups and downs, and always remember to cherish and enjoy it. Success might be largely based on results but a successful woman knows to fall in love with and enjoy the voyage her path to success leads her on because it is the very thing that lets her blossom and grow more than before.

And let’s face it, there’s no fun in achieving results if the journey you take isn’t one filled with excitement and joy so buckle up, get your work mode on, and give the world another name in the list of successful women to be inspired by!

Be sure to share your tips for success in the comment section and do read on how to achieve abundance of wealth in 2021.

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