The Law Of Attraction: How to Apply & Live a More Fulfilled Life

law of attraction

I want to talk to you about something important today. A principle that has been the foundation and pillar of my personal development. I’ll confess for a moment I nearly forgot the importance of actively practicing this principle; until I sat to have a frank conversation with myself regarding why I kept attracting the same people into my life. People who would emotionally and sometimes financially drain me and never reciprocating the love and kindness I gave. Then I had my light bulb moment; you attract what you think, that is whatever I chose to focus my energy on I will attract; this is the key message behind The Law Of Attraction.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction in my early teens when I would eavesdrop on my parents and one evening heard them excitedly speaking about a book called The Secret in which they had learned how they could change our lives for the better. Ever the curious being I was I made a mental note and soon as mum put down her copy I snuck it away to read; I was an expert at this having read tens of her mills and boon in the same manner! My deep fascination began about what it meant to attract what you desired through your thoughts and subsequent action. But at the tender age of 14 Disney won my attention so I paused the interest later coming back to it in my late teens. Again by accident following my need to figure out how to deal with the constant rejection of being the only black girl in my new very white school. I again would arrive at this Law of Attraction; my focus now being on how to attract love and acceptance which I so craved. I read everything, from the chicken soup for the soul to Dr. Phil. They all had a similar message, transforming my life had everything to do with how I thought; I effectively would attract what I focused my mind on. It took a further decade for me to finally fully grasp what all the fuss about The Secret was.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

I will say it once more; that which you focus on you will attract. If I continued to focus my mind on the frustrations within my life, the things I wanted to change I simply would attract more of it. 

The Law Of Attraction is a way for you to harness the power of the universe in your favour. By putting out actively the message to the world of what you want you can achieve anything. Yes, I said it anything. In the same way, if you choose to focus on all the negative aspects of your life you will attract more of this.

It’s that saying “like attracts like” or “you are what you believe”. So if you keep asking yourself why am I so unlucky in love? It’s because you keep believing you are unlucky in love, so the universe receives this message and because our minds are in vibration with the messages we put out into the world, the world aligns to create the picture which we put out to it. 

Science has now agreed with what most spiritual and religious leaders have known for a while and that is we are made of almost entirely kinetic energy so our thoughts actions have frequencies and interact with one another. We are connected to each other, the universe, and hence can influence our reality and that of those around us. This is how powerful The Law Of Attraction is, if a country has a leader who is filled with hate he will build a nation from this energy and nothing beautiful or loving can come from hate. If you want more love become more loving, to yourself, and to those around you.

law of attraction

 Is The Law Of Attraction Relevant Today?


  • Modern life is now more stressful than ever.

Can I still apply the Law of attraction? In one word, yes. Life has gotten harder often by own making; the opportunity to be stressed and mentally drained is at every corner from Hollywood posed romances on your Facebook to count the six-pack pictures on Instagram. 

The distractions and noise are constant, if we are to listen to the world the only way to happiness is to have perfect physique (obviously never craving carbs), be a billionaire with over a hundred million followers on every social media platform, a partner that is equally hot and rich with two kids; of course boy and girl and two cute dogs. Exhausting! Due to these unrealistic standards, most of us are stressed, put ourselves under undue stress to achieve these standards, and as we’ve learnt you attract more of what you focus your energy on. The worst part of this also being that these impossible standards aren’t the path to happiness. The more you feed the ego, the more hungry it gets, and such goals without the purpose of giving back to the world behind them only lead to more dissatisfaction with the constant need for the next fix. 

By utilizing the Law of Attraction you can focus on creating positive thoughts, cutting out the noise, creating joy, love, and abundance in your life with whatever you have.

  • Live a life of purpose

The Law of Attraction is needed now more than ever; to align us to our purpose and give us, better yet show us that it is still possible in the midst of all these conflicting messages to create a life of meaning, one that actually feeds the soul.

It can be lonely and terrifying to go against the herd that has bought into the message that if my picture does not get a thousand likes then life is meaningless. Knowing that the universe is on your side it just needs your instructions, gives you the strength to define happiness by the purpose you were created for and the courage to go out there to claim it.

  • Love matters

The greatest human desire is to be loved for who we are. We were not created to live alone, but unfortunately, in today’s world, it has become even harder now to find that real authentic connection. Most of us have been conditioned to seek love for completion meaning we often derive our sense of purpose from our relationship. Hence we love from a place of fear and not abundance nor realisation that we complete ourselves. 

The Law of Attraction takes us back to the source, by practicing its principles we are no longer in fear of losing love because we become love and therefore attract it abundantly. We embrace that what happens externally does not determine how we feel within.

law of attraction

How Can I Apply The Law Of Attraction


I hope you are as excited as I am for you about using the Law of Attraction to create a more fulfilled life. Or maybe this has been a reminder of how effective applying the Law of Attraction in your life can be. 

Here are 5 tips to help get you applying the Law of Attraction today.

1. Focus only what you want 

The human mind has a tendency to run through lists of what it doesn’t want; I don’t want a house in a bad neighbourhood, I don’t want a difficult co-worker and so forth. Focus only on what you want as the saying goes “you get what you ask for”.

If you want to get in shape, ask the universe for this.  This can come in the form of affirmations; “I am in the best shape of my life” and begin to imagine how you will feel when you achieve this.

2. See it, believe it and start living It

Once you are clear with what you want, start believing in it in every possible way with all your senses. Visualise that day you are the shape you desire, what are you doing? what are you wearing? go out and buy that outfit or start doing the activities you would do as a result of being in better shape.

By taking action you are overcoming the biggest barrier to manifesting your desires; the subconscious belief that such miracles and joy don’t happen to people like me. By removing any such potential barrier you allow the positive energy this action creates to flow out into the universe and with patience, you start to see it coming back to you in the form of the affirmations or intentions you put out to the world.

3. Live in expectation, not anxiety 

Trust that it pleases the universe to give you what you want. Perhaps months have passed since you started your affirmation of abundance of wealth. Make sure you have no limiting beliefs; become that wish you desire; create a mood board of what you would do with your wealth, maybe that dream home or paying off debt.

Live in expectation trusting that abundance of wealth, love, joy is already yours the external world just needs to catch up to what you already know inside!

4. Use daily affirmations

I mentioned this one briefly above, use your daily affirmations to strengthen your application and belief in the Law of Attraction.  Make sure to write them somewhere you will see them daily and take a few minutes each day to repeat them.

5. Interact with others on the same positive vibration

If you surround yourself with negative minded people whilst trying to manifest positivity in your life not only will this be like attempting to ride against the wave it is likely to fail. You embed the beliefs and behaviours of those around you often without even knowing it.

So surround yourself with people who exude positivity perhaps have already utilised the Law of Attraction and can encourage you on your journey.

You can start today manifesting in any area of your life. The Law of Attraction has helped me stay positive in the midst of difficult life situations. Just the other day I lost out on some paid work and for a moment was anxious about how I would afford all I hoped to achieve this year. I stopped and reminded myself that I was deserving of the abundance of wealth and that I would have more than sufficient resources to accomplish my goals this year. Within 4 days I was offered more work than I was available for at higher pay than the initial one I had missed out on.

You are beautiful, you are love and you deserve the life that serves your purpose and feeds your soul. And there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from getting this life.

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