Positive Affirmations: The Healing Power & Why I Recommend Them

I see it all the time, in the faces of my patients, friends, and family; that longing for a miracle cure to every problem life throws us. “ I have back pain” one will say and explain how it just wouldn’t go away and their torment at not finding an answer despite every blood test and scans that had found no physical problem. “I can’t be intimate with my partner” again waiting for me to offer a drug or more investigations that would solve the problem instantly. At first, I agreed, this is what we’re taught in medical school if there is physical pain look for a physical cause if you cannot find one refer the patient to a psychiatrist if they keep coming back. At the same time, I saw others with life situations that most couldn’t endure, physical conditions that were debilitating yet they were there pushing through, full of positivity and hope. I even saw this in my life when faced with obstacles, when there seemed no solution in sight, I too was able to have a positive outlook and then the miracle would occur this positive mindset, the desired outcome would become my reality.

During my teens, I simply thought nothing of what I later learned was called affirmations. I just thought there is nothing else I can do so I am just going to imagine every day as hard as I can and repeat a better outcome. During my time working with cancer patients, I saw those who kept a positive mindset and belief in affirmations or manifestation as I prefer to sometimes think of it, live longer than they were given to live. In the same way, I have seen those expected to live much longer give up within days having affirmed their belief that they couldn’t make it. So I could see as a Doctor and within my own experience that positive affirmations had the power to heal.

I understand you ‘ve heard it before; this is what my patients and friends say when they ask me for a solution to a problem and I reply “change your mindset and set daily affirmations for the outcome you want”. There has been a recent rise and popularity in the area of holistic and wellness so a lot gets lost in translation. Is it a plant diet this week or is it keto? Are we doing yoga or acupuncture? Does CBD oil work? And on it goes, and you guessed it the answer isn’t that simple but I can tell you that everything begins with your mind. Start with setting the right intentions, work on what you focus your mind on and the rest will follow. I get it even within my profession many do not ascribe to this concept that something as simple as positive affirmations or that the mind can manifest a different outcome or for instance bring about healing. But we are seeing more and more the power of our minds. The growing area of epigenetics, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., one of its pioneers made discoveries revealing that our environment controls our behaviour and the structure of our cells. In other words, what you think affects your health and wellbeing. So if you can change how you perceive a difficult situation with positive affirmations this often means you can influence your emotional interaction with it and thereby the outcome.

Positive Affirmations

What Are Affirmations?


Affirmations are positive statements that we use to affect our conscious and subconscious minds which results in changes in our behaviour and environment. When we repeat positive affirmations they become engraved in our subconscious along with the images and emotions they evoke within us.

Which in turn often lead to the following:

  • Increased motivation
  • Focus
  • Feeling positive and energetic
  • Allowing us to tap into the power of our subconscious

Do Positive Affirmations Work?


Yes, it does!

Ray Dalio in Principles For Success speaks about looking at the historical context of an event to know what action to apply. For instance, when looking at how to accomplish a task or goal, look at how you completed a goal previously and apply those principles. From this I decided to draft my principles of success, looking at what I did when I accomplished goals set and also what I did when I failed to reach my goals. The first principle I wrote was “unwavering belief reinforced by positive affirmations written down and pinned to my wall”. This is exactly what I did for my GCSEs, despite my parents being told they should expect me to pass at best. My 15-year-old mind didn’t fully comprehend the power of what she was doing but was motivated in wanting to make her parents proud as she saw their sadness after that particular parent’s evening. So I took a piece of paper and wrote down on it what I wanted-, “I have at least 6 A’s and the rest Bs for my GCSEs” and read it every night before bed. I got 2A*, 7A’s and 1B for my GCSEs!

I also used affirmations when I injured myself a year ago at the gym, I was so fed up I sat that morning in church 6 months later, I still see it so vividly and stated that I would no longer have pain in my left lower back. Each day I repeated that sentence and visualized myself in church, a week later my pain was gone. I am personally someone who doesn’t take medications unless necessary and so was not on any pain relief and I also was stubbornly not resting! Many others have shared similar stories with me about overcoming difficulties in their lives.

Why I Prescribe Positive Affirmations


Now more than ever a positive mindset is paramount. I am having more patients present to me with anxiety and depression following the loss of loved ones, jobs, and the uncertainty we currently face. Often prescribing antidepressants does not solve the issue or the individual wishes for a more natural and self-directed treatment plan. In which case I will discuss the power of affirmations and mindful living with them subsequently giving them affirmations to take home.

I have found 4 powerful reasons for prescribing affirmations:

  1. “The Placebo Effect” – This is when an outcome, for instance, improvement in health cannot be attributed to the treatment alone but could be down to the patient believing that the treatment would work. I prescribe affirmations to all patients who are receptive and if appropriate even those who are not religious or spiritual, why? Simply because if it works even by the route of the placebo effect then it is still a positive outcome for my patient. Many treatments can be debated to work on the principle of the placebo effect, some medications rely on this! So you can see just how powerful the mind can be.
  2. Affirmations feed the soul – Affirmations resonate deeply with our souls, they connect you to your higher self and your creator. When we repeat affirmations and do them as intended we momentarily allow our subconscious mind to surface without even realizing this, that is what makes them so powerful. It is also here that our soul lies.
  3. They are completely natural – If like me you would prefer not to take medications and indeed you have the option to consider alternatives then affirmations just might be what you need. Now I can hear some of you asking, will it cure cancer? will it make me rich? The answer is they may. Now I do not advocate not having treatment for serious conditions but affirmations can have a role alongside this and actually will make a difference in how you cope with your condition and also the potential success of treatment. Just like with most things in life, there are no guarantees.
  4. They are empowering – You control how you use your affirmations, whether you write them down, say them in front of the mirror, or before bed. You take charge of creating the outcome you want and in controlling the conscious mind and its often negative narrative regarding the situation you wish to overcome.

My Top 10 Daily Positive Affirmations


So here are my top 10 daily affirmations to help get you started!

  1. I am love and have love in abundance
  2. I can connect with and help others by sharing my gift with the world
  3. I am beautifully and wonderfully created
  4. I trust that blessings meant for me will always be mine
  5. I am not ruled by fear and can overcome any obstacle
  6. I have everything I need this very moment to be happy
  7. I am the master of my destiny and can create the life that I want
  8. I accept my emotions and are compassionate to myself
  9. I choose to see the beauty in others and the world around me
  10. I am worthy and deserving of love for who I am

The most important action to take now is to commit to a couple even one will do of your affirmations or reword some of the above and start repeating these daily without judgment.

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