I find that writing feeds my soul. Hopefully you will get some nourishment from these writings as I did whilst working on them. So get a cuppa and dive in!


Powerful Mindset Tips to Motivate You Through the Holidays

One battle many women (including black women) fight during holiday seasons or holidays like this is how to stay motivated. The holiday season is a great time to which we all look forward. But let’s face it, holidays aren’t only rosy and jolly. They come with their fair share of work and distractions.

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How To Get New Ideas Every day

“How do I get new ideas every day?” This is one question people often ask towards the end of the year.

Most people want to get new ideas to plan their goals for the New Year.

Look, everything you will do and become in life starts with an idea.

We can say your life is a reflection of the ideas you’ve been executing. My point is, you must become an idea machine if you are going to live life to its fullest potential.

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signs of being emotionally exhausted

Signs of Being Emotionally Exhausted and How to Overcome It

For black women, self-care routines are important. Think about this: we take time out of the little we have to take care of family, friends, spouses, and even co-workers but we always bury our own needs.

In the long run, it can be harmful to us both physically and mental…

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