Mental Fitness During Covid-19

Never has it been more important than now to think of one’s mental wellbeing. These past 3 months have seen us physically and mentally in lockdown. The mortality figures keep rising from Covid19 with no clear end in sight but we must remain hopeful. Now more than ever our mental health practices are paramount.

So here are my ten tips to mental wellbeing during Covid-19 Crisis


The gym is closed I hear you scream! Yes it is, but you can work out at home. Be it yoga, HIIT, or even weight training. There are so many apps that can guide you.  I like the range and ease of use of Sworkit app. If like me you are addicted to Les Mills BodyCombat, you can find that at

So get your kettlebells, subscribe to the app and let us get moving!

You can also go for walks or a run not only are you keeping the body moving but also clearing the mind.


Dust it off the shelf, get it out of your work bag where its been for months, and start reading.

I recommend Eckart Tolle’s The Power Of Now and The Mastery by Robert Greene.

Listen to music

This is possibly my favourite re-centering method. There’s nothing like Usher’s 8701 to get my feeling sexy after a date gone array. Or gospel worship Yolanda Adams to remind me there is always hope as long as there is breath.


Write, write, and write! Don’t think, just grab your favourite notebook and start! Jot down your thoughts unedited. Period.


This goes with music for me. I tune onto Classic FM and I let the melodic flow of the violin drift my mind to a place of calm. Here I can achieve clarity, better understanding, and often the solution of what to do next.

Talk to people

I know we are indoors, possibly self-isolating and social distancing. Now is the time to communicate. If you are feeling low, call a loved one. Do not chastise yourself for increased anxiety or fear. We all get these, we are human. Reach out to others; be it friends, family or partners. Failing these, there online support groups or helplines such as Good Samaritans. And always I am an email away!

We often underestimate when a dark shadow descends. Feeling ashamed, or not wishing to burden others. You are loved, many times only to ask for love and you will receive it, sometimes even from a stranger.

Redecorate your cave- be it the bedroom or home office

Its time to read up on feng shui and harmonize your inner with your external space. If this is impractical then a new cushion or throw with scented candles will do. Make sure you order online, stay indoors as advised. Find the interior decorator in you.

Pick up a new hobby

I love discovering new interests. I recently started learning to play the cello. The intense concentration and the joy when I play a piece of music perfectly; brings a smile to my soul. I cannot explain it any other way.

Practice daily gratitude

The death toll today as I write this, the worldwide deaths from Covid19 stands at 511106 today and still sadly rising. It is devastating, families who have lost loved ones will never be the same. To lose someone dear to you is unimaginable; to not be able to hold a funeral for them as may be the case for many, is unfathomable. Thus, those of us fortunate to be safe and our families also; must give gratitude. And together send prayers or positive wishes to those not so fortunate.

Give yourself lots of love

Yes, you read it right. Give yourself lots of love particularly now. How? Be kind to yourself with your words and your inner critiquing. Also be generous with your forgiveness; of yourself and others. Love can heal so much. As it becomes clearer day by day that much self-reflection is now needed.

A new day must dawn, in which we all will emerge having loved ourselves and those close to us through this period and now ready to put this love out into the world.

So remember just as it is important to protect our physical health; it is equally important to cultivate, nourish, and nurture our minds.

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