Manifesting Abundance: 4 Step to Attract Abundance

manifesting abundance

What does it mean to mean manifest or attract abundance? 

Abundance means having a plentiful, over-sufficient supply of things, in order words, manifesting abundance means making things come true.

Life is a journey and for each journey, there is a goal, a destination. It’s what gives you direction and saves you from being lost among your thoughts and the thoughts surrounding you. 

However, sometimes we do have the direction that we need to walk into, but we cannot go through it. You know where you’d love to go, but you’re uncertain, doubtful and even weakened by your uncertainties. 

It is quite a desperate state when you lack the strength to stand up and go as far as to carry the burden that’s your salvation from failure or non-productivity, also known as your purpose.  So in what areas in your life would you like to get more abundance? 

And then you reach the state where you’re gazing around yourself confused, desperate, and also very eager to find that hand capable of snatching you out of that pit and placing you somewhere better. 

It is also a beautiful plot twist when you realize  that there is no hand, rope,  or ladder to help you climb, or else it would be too easy a task to live. There is, however, a set of rules and fundamentals that you can follow to climb out of there. We call that set of laws spirituality, and if you have not heard of the term, then research it. But, if you indeed know what spirituality is, then you must have heard about manifesting, and if not, then I have got you.

Manifesting is one of the methods that’s included within spirituality. It is a method that allows you to place every bit of strength and ability within you into one single goal. Yes, only one. The big one, if you may, and it includes sever smaller goals that you follow one by one. 

The point behind manifesting is to allow you to set your feet steadily on the first step towards your climb/grind out of that pit of despair you’re stuck in and towards your goal. Again, we are going to show you what you need to do, anything else will be you and only you. 

manifesting abundance

How do you manifest abundance?

Step 1 – Knowing. 

Who are you? What brought you here? Where would you like to go? These questions would seem easy to answer on the first look. I mean, really? Of course, I know who I am!and then you start inserting your name. Foolishness. 

Who you are is something way beyond the measures of your name. Who you are is what you can do and what you like to do. Your preferences, your abilities, what you dislike, what you love, and what you stand for. 

And if you’re inside this seemingly-unescapable pit, then you surely have no idea about the answer to those questions. In which case, the only solution would be to take yourself out of your shell and see who you are outside of your mind. 

Enter your life, look around you and deduce who you are. How does your room look? How do you look? What does your chat history look like? How are your conversations like? Do you tend to start the conversations or do you tend to avoid them? Do you tend to end them or to keep them going? Do you tend to approach life or slope your way out of it? 

All of the answers to these questions will indicate pieces and bits of who you are or rather, whom you’ve been until this very point, because you still have the choice to be better in every aspect and field that you are aware of, about yourself. They’ll show you what’s wrong and with your will and ability to choose whom you want to be, you can determine what needs to be changed. It’s all work, no playing.

Now, after knowing whom you have been up till now, you will also know what brought you here. The answer to that question,n is, of course, yourself and none other. You’re here due to your choices and due to being you, it’s not out of your control. So, if you dislike where you are now, you’ll have to lift that weight and climb with it to wherever you’d like to be. 

And that very truth leads to the last question. Where would you like to go? You’re here, at the bottom, your only two choices are to either climb or to stay down. But, assuming you’d climb, which direction would you choose to climb into? 

Life is vast and it is full of possibilities. Determine where you’d like to go, based on who you are. Find your abilities and gifts and use them to determine a direction towards which you take your journey. 

Step 2 – Ask the universe.

You’re now grasping who you are and where you’d like to elevate yourself. Your very first move should be to set a plan and to work according to this plan. 

Improvement is a matter that takes time. Make sure to ask the universe for what you desire to achieve during this time. It will help you come clearer with yourself regarding what you desire.

Knowing what you want, working for it, and asking the universe for it, will make the universe notice your desires more vividly, increasing your chances of getting what you want. 

Determine your destination, work towards it, and ask the universe for what you desire. 

Step 3 – Believing in what you are doing. 

There won’t be a point expecting improvements if you don’t believe in what you are doing. You won’t be seeing results, because you don’t know what to expect, so make sure you realize exactly what you are doing and what you are working on, to be able to predict your improvements. Otherwise, you may end up lost again, so make sure you study what you’re doing before you commit to it. 

Step 4 – Gratitude. 

Now that you are improving, and you can see where this improvement is taking you, you are getting better, and you are being confident about it. Why wouldn’t you be? You’ve worked hard to be a better somebody, and now you’re finally getting to taste the labour of your hard work. 

But, remember to be grateful. Be grateful for everything that you earn, be it material or spiritual. Carry your gratitude to the Vibrational Universe and venture forth towards your dream with the same amount of gratitude. 

This way you’ll keep yourself discipline and safe from arrogance. It will keep you able to improve and to achieve more success, by allowing you to grasp the reality that you’re never at the top. 

Now, you are ready to manifest what you desire into reality, through your hard work and your faith in the Vibrational Universe. Remain faithful in your abilities and keep investing the amount of work that is required to take you to your goals. Keep the cycle going by keeping in mind what you want, keeping on working towards it, and being grateful for improvements.

Keep mind that you are beautiful and that you deserve the best life in the world if you can work for it. 

Let me know which of these steps you’re incorporating into your daily routine today 9n the comment section. Also, if you liked this post, you’ll also like 7 Steps to Achieve Any Goal: The Role of Three W’s in Goal Setting

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