7 Life Challenges You Must Overcome to Become a Better Version of Yourself

life challenges to overcome

I know what life challenges feel like. 

You try to get things right in your life, but with each try, things just don’t work out. Let me tell you this: you will face challenges in life. That’s why I’m here to let you know the life challenges you must overcome.

Look, success is a universal goal amongst people. It is a subjective topic and everyone has their own perception of success, but we can all agree that we all want to succeed. However, success is a complex goal, and reaching it can be difficult. 

The thing is; sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to achieve some of the goals you have set for yourself, which is totally fine. Don’t beat yourself up! There are just certain challenges in life we can’t seem to overcome. Or at least we haven’t quite learnt enough about ourselves to know exactly how to achieve those particular goals.

I want you to know that when you reach that point, that proverbial plateau in your life, everything might feel hopeless. You feel like you will never be able to achieve the things you want to, and in these situations, most people get discouraged. And while sometimes it is inevitable to struggle, you can always come back on top. 

It might be difficult and it can take time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. I know cliches but sometimes a simple cliche is what we need! What you need in this situation is hope, persistence, and a little bit of help. 

If you look around, nobody has become successful by having it easy. Every successful person you see on TV and social media has had some type of personal setback that they had to overcome to accomplish their goals. 

Walt Disney, for example, had struggled with failure–he was fired and was told he “lacked imagination”. Oprah Winfrey dealt with poverty and was frequently told she was “unfit for television”. The thing Walt Disney and Oprah have in common is that they didn’t give up. They overcame their challenges and, in the end, got rewarded for it. And if they can do it, you can do it too.

I promise, when you read through the 7 life challenges you must overcome to become a better version of yourself, you’ll know how to navigate your life! 


7 life challenges you must overcome to become a better version of yourself


1. Dealing With Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life. 

Whether it’s a job, an opportunity, or a relationship, we can’t escape it. You are bound to lose something you felt should have been yours at least once in your life, and that’s okay as long as you know how to recover from it. 

Get this: no matter how it happens, the loss is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges in life. It is a sudden change, an upheaval, that shakes you up and makes you rethink your attitude and reflect on what’s important moving forward. It makes you question your worth and if you let it, it allows doubt to creep in about if you will ever succeed at all.

“So how do I deal with loss?” 

See, losing something or someone you wanted can be a huge wake-up call. Losses force you to ask yourself if you need the thing you lost and what you’re willing to do in the future to get what you want. “Did I ever really need this?” is an essential question to ask when recovering from a loss. 

Losses happen to everyone, but what’s important is what we take out of it. It’s really important to be able to assess the situation properly. A self-reflection period might be needed when you go back and think about the value of the thing you lost. 

2. Having a negative mindset

Let’s be real for a moment – maintaining a positive mindset is difficult in today’s world. We are constantly exposed to negativity from other people and we’re always so connected to others that it’s hard to avoid it. 

Even though according to this Life with challenges quotes by Willie Nelson “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” But negative thoughts will pop up once in a while.

There is a lot of positive content out there, but there is also an overwhelming amount of negativity that can make your mood nosedive into a hole of negative thoughts, doubts, and regrets. Many scientists say that a negative mindset can worsen cardiovascular diseases and dementia.

So how do you face these life challenges? How do you fix your negative mindset?

Frankly, there’s no quick fix. It’s a long journey that includes some analysis of your current mindset. What I do is look deep within myself and examine the negativity in my life. I promise this will help. 

You have to ask yourself where the negativity comes from. Once you figure out the origin, just cut it off. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You can do this! I’m here to help you get rid of negative comments and negative people. 

Have a social media detox!

3. Losing Focus

Most people have many goals. 

You may want to learn French, pay off your debt and grow in your career path. Your goals might be both big and small, long or short-term projects, but they are all neatly arranged on your list of things you want to do. 

Everyone approaches goals differently, but in most cases, when you want to achieve something, you create a plan. For example, if you want to learn French, you start taking lessons. 

At first, you start taking lessons 4 times a week and your motivation is through the roof. However, at some point, you get busier at work or there is a sudden lifestyle change that requires a significant amount of your energy. 

So you start skipping French lessons until you stop them completely. This issue is created by a lack of focus and discipline and is also the most common reason people don’t succeed. 

You can’t achieve anything if you quit every time you get busy. Make it a priority to keep the focus on the main path and not stray from it. You can do whatever you put in front of you. With a little determination and a lot of patience, you can do anything.

4. Being Ruled By Fear



Definitely one of the Life Challenges You Must Overcome

Every single person in the world has felt fear. Many people are terrified of talking about what’s on their minds. Fear is a potent feeling and can be your biggest motivation or your worst enemy. It’s normal to feel fear in certain situations. It’s just an instinct.

So how do you get over your fears?

Psychologists say that the best way to get over a fear is to face it. Go and make a speech in front of people. You’ll feel like throwing up, but once you finish, you’ll realize it wasn’t that bad at all. Don’t let fear stop you from reaching your success.

5. Stop Caring About What Other People Think

As a modern person, you constantly find people dying to share their opinions with you. Whether it’s a political stance or a personal opinion about something, you can always find someone criticizing something. 

While it is completely fine to express your opinion, it is important to know that other people’s thoughts don’t influence your life. Read that again. Other people’s thoughts are their own and you have no control over them. 

If they don’t like you or they don’t believe in you, this doesn’t have to affect you. It can only bother you if you let it. So next time you hear something negative about yourself, take it with a grain of salt. 

You are your own person, with your own life and experiences. Other people aren’t in your position, so their opinion doesn’t hold value for you. Don’t let somebody’s negative thoughts affect you.

6. Distancing Yourself From People Who Drain You

Negativity of any kind is bad when it’s in your life. It drains you and leaves you exhausted, unable to fully enjoy life. In many cases, negativity is brought into life by people, which makes it even more difficult to get rid of. 

Especially if those people are close ones and family members. After all, you can’t just cut off a family member. However, being exposed to so much bad energy is bad for you. That’s why your best bet is to seek balance. 

If you can’t cut off someone completely, make an effort to distance yourself from that person. Take care of yourself first. 

7. Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve the things you have or like you aren’t good enough to do what you do? This phenomenon is quite common and is called impostor syndrome. 

Many professionals have experienced it and it can be quite a setback when you’re trying to build something for yourself. All that doubt and self-consciousness aren’t good for anyone. 

So what do you do?

The solution to this one isn’t easy and many people struggle with it their whole lives, but the only way to overcome the impostor syndrome is to realize your self-worth. You need to be so self-assured that you don’t ever doubt your skills and worth. 

Everyone has their own self-appreciation journey. Some people like to build confidence through positive affirmations, others just make it a priority to acknowledge all of their positive qualities. 

Whatever you do, you have to remember that you are worthy and you deserve every good thing that has happened to you. Don’t let other people and external factors tell you otherwise.

The Thing is…

People are constantly growing, evolving, and learning. 

On our life journeys, we go through lots of highs and lows on the path to success. However, there are certain life challenges you must overcome to become a better version of yourself. 

Some of the greatest people in the world have had to deal with struggles not too different from your own, and if they can do it, you can do it too. 

I hope you enjoyed our article about the 7 challenges you must overcome to become a better version of yourself. If you want to learn simple tricks to make you happy while overcoming life challenges, then read ways to make you happy.

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