How to Release Trapped Emotions From your Mind and Body

release trapped emotions

At some point in your life you must have been emotionally down. It’s one of those things that makes us human; we carry emotional burdens that can bring negativity into our lives and ruin our mental wellbeing.

In the long run, you get drowned into these thoughts, you get depressed and by then it’ll take more effort to get back to your normal self.

But it’s never too late to cleanse yourself of negative emotions. You are reading this blog post because you might have wondered “where do I begin?” Yes, you want to release yourself from the burden of this anger or sadness. You want to release trapped emotions from your body and mind.

You might not recognize your emotions now or the reasons why you are feeling the way you are feeling but you’ve recognized the fact that these trapped emotions are bothering you.

Human beings are emotional beings. We all in one way or another are guilty of carrying emotional baggage without even realizing it. Negative and painful emotional energy destroys our mental and physical wellbeing. This if kept uncontrolled for a long period makes us incapable of giving and receiving love. And In the long run, this even leads to depression. The only solution to keeping your mental health in check–or from these negative emotions–is if you release the trapped emotions from your body and mind.

Emotional pain also causes physical pain and sickness such as inability to sleep and digestive issues.

The unresolved emotions drain our bodies from feeling energetic and positive. This slowly leads to burnout, emotional imbalance, and becoming sick. Suppressing these emotions causes toxicity in your body, mind, and heart.

Your body is more complicated than you can ever think. Even unresolved emotions are stored in your muscles and tissues. There are ways to release emotional baggage that you have been carrying for some time. Let’s get started:

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release trapped emotions

3 Ways to Release Trapped Emotions From your Mind and Body

To release the unwanted and trapped emotions from your mind and body, you first need to acknowledge them. Only then you will be able to express them and finally release them.

Step 1: Recognizing Your Emotions – Create Self Awareness

This is one of the most challenging parts to achieve. Most of you are in complete denial and are not aware of your feelings. First, you need to recognize the emotion. Only then you will be able to feel it in the body.

Practice mindfulness to understand and identify what happens in your body. This will then lead to accepting the emotion and feeling it completely without judging yourself.

You need to treat yourself with compassion. You may have heard about R.A.I.N practice which stands for recognizing, allow, investigate, and nourish (yourself). It helps to break away the resistance you may have for feeling your emotions from one moment to another.

Human beings suffer due to aversion and going into denial about whatever is happening around them. Only when you accept reality, you liberate yourself. The R.A.I.N practice trains you to accept your moment to moment experience instead of going into denial or running away from it. It helps you to confront the difficulties without judging yourself and knowing that like everything else in life, this too will pass.

You need to feel the emotions to release and heal from them. Feeling it in the body is the most important point. If the process of understanding difficult emotions is not felt in the body, you will not be able to heal and release them.

As a solution, you can practice mindfulness. This will help you to become better at recognizing your emotions and feelings. This will also connect you with your bodily sensations to understand the feelings in your daily routine. But don’t be so harsh on yourself when going through the process of recognizing the difficult emotions.

To practice mindfulness, you must sit still for a few minutes. Listen to your body and understand what it is feeling right now? How do you feel, warm, cold or hot, etc? What emotions are connected to those sensations? Can you understand what parts of your body relating to those motions? These are the answers that you must seek.

Step 2: Learning to Respond Also Known as Self-Expression

Emotions must be expressed. Only then they can be processed. This results in moving the emotional energy through and finally out of your body. However, many people don’t get this right. The self-expression must be authentic. If you haven’t self-expressed but are only lying to yourself, you won’t be able to process it out of your mind and body and it will stay there. You will heal only when you have accepted it, expressed it and your body and mind have connected over it. This is why it is necessary to express the motion on the bodily level.

If you need to cry, scream, go for a walk, run or swim, or whatever else it is you are feeling, you must do it. This will help you break free from it eventually after you do what you feel instead of trapping it inside of you.

This is important in your journey to releasing trapped emotions and healing yourself. One of the best ways to express your feelings is to start writing a journal. Writing is a therapeutic way of self-discovering, reconnecting with your inner self, and understanding the complicated emotions that lie inside each one of you.

You can start writing by expressing your feelings. Writing is about what you are feeling. This will help to give a voice to your inner-feelings and process what is happening around you. So slowly by gaining perspective, when you write about failures and fears, you look at it from a distant view and finally learn to let the emotions go. This results in a true healing process.

You can practice writing a journal every day and express your unprocessed feelings in it. Don’t sugarcoat yourself or hide anything. Just write without any censor and keep it completely unfiltered. This will help you to move forward and free yourself.

You can write at the end of the day so you can capture everything that has happened during the day. Also, this is the time of the day when you don’t have to run to anything else and can easily focus on it.

As you write down the daily happenings, write whatever is happening in your life and how you want to change it? What is keeping you angry or frustrated? What do you feel when thinking about it? Feel the pain that you have kept unresolved for so long. This is your way towards healing yourself and taking charge of your life once again.

Step 3: Resetting yourself Also known as self-care

Many times you don’t know but you have neglected yourself, your mind, and your body both. In this last step, you need to reset yourself and learn to take care of yourself. The goal is to nurture your body and mind and come back to the healthy balance of life with a relaxed and open mind.

Take it slowly. If you want to, spend some time alone, with yourself. Enjoy nature, art, or anything that you love to do, and that makes you relaxed. Take care of yourself and slowly prepare yourself for the surprises that life throws at you. This will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Remember that healing is a long process. You need to be self-compassionate and caring just the way you will be to a friend in this situation. This may sound difficult but this is what will put you on track and help release all the negativities that you have been keeping inside yourself for a long time.

Trapped emotions are no good. They get in the way of professional and personal milestones. They make you miserable about yourself and the way you look at life. Feeling them and setting them free is important so that you can once again breathe and look at yourself and life freshly and positively! After all, you are worth it!

Now that you know how to release your trapped emotions from your body and mind, you’re ready to go out there and stop worrying.

If you are feeling a little disappointed about your inability to achieve your goals as 2020 runs out, you should check out my previous blog post: How to Overcome Disappointment Even When You Didn’t Achieve Your Goals. And for more uplifting quotes, follow me on Instagram.

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