My 5 Best Tips on How to Find Your Passion

how to find your passion

It was in a typical ward round summer 2014, at the time I was working in Acute Medicine. The team was working its way around the ward and I was noting down the ever-mounting list of jobs I had to complete for our patients.

A strange feeling hit me; what is the definition of happiness? How could I gauge if I was fulfilled and content with my life? I wanted to know what was the meaning of life. Perhaps this came from my deep sense of knowing this was not the sort of Doctor I wanted to be or me simply wondering was this enough?

What Is Happiness?

The questions kept nagging me throughout the morning whilst I tried to write my discharge letters. So I caved in and took a coffee break; with my phone in hand, I went to google. Now, what on earth would I ask! I started by trying to find out different viewpoints and interpretations of how to measure one’s happiness. In my gut, I felt it had something to do with ‘your calling’ or as I later learned one’s purpose in life. The most comprehensive reading I found during that far too long a coffee break; on the pursuit of happiness was Aristotle. 

Aristotle concludes that happiness lies within two key components:

  • Activities that are driven by the rational soul under virtue or excellence
  • To live in a way favoured by a ‘divine’ or spirit

Now, this isn’t a philosophy lesson so let us not get bogged down with the minute details. In general terms, happiness is not a state but rather a lifelong activity that is driven by the soul and it should align us to a higher power.

Knowing this It made perfect sense why I felt constant restlessness when I deviated away from my truest self. Why you may at times have this feeling that although life is ok you have it within you to create an amazing life!

How to Find Your Passion

You can call it your passion or purpose it refers to finding that thing you were put on this earth to accomplish. I can hear you asking but how! Don’t worry we’ll talk through this in a moment. 

But first why even bother? 

A lot of us are conditioned from a young age as to what to do with our adult lives; career-wise. I know from a young age I was told you will become a Doctor and no alternatives were given. Perhaps just like me, you’ve sat at your desk asking is this enough? And knowing the answer; no it wasn’t. I knew just being the everyday Doctor and striving to do nothing more, not being creative would kill my soul. I now knew how to articulate this to my stubborn mind! 

This is why it’s important; the mind loves labels and the soul yearns to be set free. When you are not aligned with your soul purpose, your passion, you continue to have this deep restlessness which you simply can’t explain. You almost feel guilty because usually, life is well, ok. 

We were not born to simply exist but rather to thrive. This is the difference between us and the rest of the animal kingdom. Our soul has a higher vibration; we are able to tap into our higher consciousness, it’s just that most people don’t. Simply existing leads to stress, dissatisfaction with life, and a major risk for physical illness as well as mental health issues such as depression.

Your life passion is the key to your well-being and achieving one of the core needs of human existence; feeling that our lives mattered.

how to find your passion

5 Steps To Finding Your Passion

1. Revisit your childhood and adolescence

Think back to adolescence what were you passionate about?

What did you do effortlessly? For me it was always writing I had a fervour for reading and knew I wanted to write. I also loved Psychology and was fascinated with how the mind worked and how childhood trauma could alter a person’s behaviour and function in adulthood. 

I think in my heart I was an Arts student but due to the family I was born into I was geared towards science. I don’t believe in living in regret and thankfully I love being a Doctor. So don’t dwell on what if this isn’t the purpose I had been created for. It’s never too late, you’re here reading my work and I’m working on other writing projects. 

So focus on the finding; not worrying about the how and if there is time. There is, trust me! If you have breath you have time and can do it. I have seen patients suffering from terminal illness accomplish what most couldn’t in a lifetime within a few months. 

2. Ask close family, friends, or your partner what they think your greatest skill is.

Those closest to you, with your best interest at heart and no ulterior agendas will often have noticed what your best skills are. The things that hold your attention and light you up when you’re doing it.

3. Take Myers- Briggs Personality Test

I found this useful when searching for my purpose. It will help you start thinking about how you analyze and interact with others and your environment. If you prefer to be guided by your intuition or your more rational mind.

4. Read others personal journey about how they found their purpose

There is a lot on YouTube or great reads on finding your purpose and living a more awakened life. A recommended list will soon be put up on the resource page.

5. Meditate and do some introspective work

Take a look at your life now and what if anything you would change and why?

Write these down and meditate or pray over each point for further clarity.

Why believing in God or higher power is necessary

Now feel free to tune off if spirituality isn’t for you but I would encourage you to first consider what I’m about to say with an open mind.

This is not about religion

How you choose to connect with your creator, higher power is entirely up to you.

This is about acknowledging that there is something more powerful and greater than ourselves, there is something which gives us meaning beyond this brief moment we have on this earth

Having this as the anchor I believe gives meaning to striving for your purpose, otherwise it then simply becomes an ego trip which when achieved will not bring any fulfillment. When you know that your purpose is in alignment to your highest self and is in homage and thanksgiving to the one that gave you the blessing of this life, you treasure each moment as the blessing it is. You freely and intently live out the highest expression of yourself by sharing your talents with the world.

When there is nothing to anchor other than another human being, for instance, your partner or children or the thought that if I do not have material wealth my life is meaningless. This only leads to a life filled with a constant sense of lack and as a result judgment towards others.

Pursuing your passion and founding this in a creator, a higher power ensures that what you do comes from a place of giving love not serving your ego. 

We are all connected to each other and the earth

And only by acting beyond our ego the ‘self’ do we heal ourselves and vibrate this love outwards collectively healing our world. 

What finding your purpose will enable you to do

Now it may take you a day, a week, or even a few months to fully realise the answer to what your passion is and that’s ok. Do not rush the process and be guided by that inner voice.

I know you can do it and when you do, here are some of the rewards to discovering your purpose.

  • Freedom to be you
  • Fun in the journey to your truest self 
  • More vitality and healthier well-being
  • No regrets when we come to the end of our beautiful lives

Leaving you today with this quote from Aristotle, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. 

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