How to enjoy Valentine’s Day Being Single

valentine day

Valentine’s period is a moment of love and happiness for a lot of people, but most single people, tend to feel inadequate and believe they are missing out. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Don’t get me wrong it can be tough, when you walk around and there are adverts to buy your special other something and you start to question when will you join all the couples in this overhyped day. I am not here to lie to you and say you will suddenly stop wanting romantic love, no but I am here to show you that this one day shouldn’t turn your world upside down but in fact you can have feel just as much joy as those in a relationship.

valentine day

What Valentine’s Day is truly about

Love is something we should feel and give everyday not just on a day that is commercialized for us to do so.

Celebrate happy couples and those that symbolise the type of loving relationship you want, in doing so you will attract this into your life. 2021 Valentine’s Day is going to be different for everyone not just singles, especially if you’re in a country under lockdown. Make this the year you make it a day to show extra love to friends, family not only significant others. Use this day to show your appreciation for having this day after the 2020 we all went through.

It’s a day like any other in which you continue to push forward on your dreams and creating the life you want. And if you haven’t written out your Life Mission Statement then the 14th February is exactly the day to do so. Ask yourself what you want most in this world, obviously besides a romantic relationship, and really dig deep and ask if you are doing all you can to pursue this. Are you on track with your purpose? You see that’s the beauty of being single you can focus all your attention on your purpose so why not ensure you are making the most of this season you are in. Because trust me you won’t be single long!

Remember that the 14th February is not a day to feel envy but gratitude, so if anyone asks, do you have plans for Valentine’s Day, your answer is YES!

And here are few ways you can ensure you enjoy this Valentine’s Day whilst being single.

1. Indulge yourself and go get yourself some chocolate- the good stuff too!

You don’t have to wait for a partner to buy you luxurious chocolates. There are no rules to this thing so go out there and buy yourself some mouthwatering chocolates. Chocolates release endorphins into the brain and will make you feel much happier. When you feel better it means your mood will be lightened!

2. Get yourself some roses or a candy bouquet

That’s right, you deserve the best and if roses are what you want then you can certainly have it!

You can always order some roses or candy bouquets now before Valentine’s day. You can actually write a poem for yourself or sign the card “from a secret admirer” Yes, you probably wonder if it’s worth it but I say go for it. It’s not bad if you show yourself some love or appreciate yourself. In fact it’s mandatory! So get online and order some before you miss that delivery date.

3. Hang out with people you care about

You don’t have to spend time with a lover. I’m certain you have friends and family that would love to hang out with you. If they too are up for celebrating Valentine’s Day together, then it’s a good time to play some fun games, cook a nice dinner (something you normally wouldn’t cook), and watch a movie with your loved ones. Trust me you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

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4. Pamper yourself

Setting aside a day for yourself is never a bad idea and what better day for that than the 14th February. You love yourself and rightly so. So why not choose Valentine’s Day as a pamper-yourself-day and go spend some money on yourself.

It’s not a bad idea to be a little selfish, after all, you are currently not in a relationship. You deserve happiness. And if like us in UK are on lockdown get online for some shopping or virtual group hangouts.

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

You have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for yourself about. You are not less that those in relationships, do not glorify being in a relationship it is not all sunshine and roses. Just like single people those in relationships have just as much if not more worries to contemplate. So don’t find problems in your life where there aren’t any. Continue to radiate your inner beauty and the right person will cross your path before you know it.

6. Doing something nice for a stranger

No matter how small nice gestures might look, it can put a smile on people’s faces. Decide that you will actively seek to do something nice for a stranger on that day. Perhaps you will buy a sandwich for that homeless person you rush past every morning on your way to work. Or say hello to your elderly neighbour you’ve just been too busy to introduce yourself to. Decide that today is a day for you to show love to another.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

Look, just because you see someone with their partner doesn’t mean they have a healthy relationship. No, I’m not trying to console you I’m just telling you the truth. We’ve seen celebrities who upload lovely pictures of themselves with their partners and we’ve wished we had such a “lovely” relationship. Then the next day are hauling abuse at that said love of their life. Do not believe everything you see instead focus on your happiness and having faith that abundance of true romantic love is coming your way.

8. Be passionate about your life

Every day you wake, you should have a purpose, something that drives and motivates your through the day. That purpose is what you should be passionate about! Let your passion drive you, energize you and keep your mind away from self-pity. When you are focused on this you don’t even remember that today is anything but as purposeful as yesterday was.

9. Make more friends

If you’re thinking well I don’t actually have that many friends, well then make that your task today. It’s time to join clubs on your favorite topics, be it virtual or in person; you can also volunteer your time, and also reach out to old friends. Network! Network!! By doing this you strengthen your relationship with people and you also build a community.

10. Do things you’ve been putting aside

You know there is one thing you’ve always wished you could do or learn to do but you’ve been putting aside. So now is the time to pick those interests up and do something about them. If you have multiple interests why not jot them down in a notebook so every time you pick up interest, mark them on your notebook.

11. Reflect on your behaviour during your previous relationship

Are you sure you were 100% perfect in your previous relationship? I bet you know the answer to that. No one can be perfect because we are human. What if some of these mistakes contributed to the failure of your previous relationship? This isn’t a blaming game but rather to remind you that if you do not grown and learn from past relationships you are likely to make the same mistakes in the next one. So take a moment and reflect on what went wrong in your previous relationships and what part did you play in this. Start the preparation for that amazing love you deserve.

12. Be appreciative of what you have in your life

Learn to appreciate your period of being single because now you get to spend your time and money on things you truly want.

13. You can be happy with or without a partner

One thing I want you to always have at the back of your mind is that your happiness isn’t tied to another person. You can be happy alone as much as you are happy with a partner. So, remember Valentine’s Day is just one day so don’t get sad about the one-time yearly event when you have over 300+ days left in the year.

The month of February can feel like it has one meaning, that is red roses, chocolates, red hearts, and many more and because of that, some people see this day as one to feel sad about if you aren’t being showered with gifts. While I believe in the celebration of love, I also understand how it must feel to be alone during this valentine’s period.

You’re don’t have to feel down about it. Read these tips and put them to good use and before you know it you will find ways to enjoy valentine whilst being single.

Still, on making yourself feel happy on valentine’s day, read how to release trapped emotions from your mind and body.

Let me know which of these tips you decided on for valentine’s day.

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