Holistic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gifts ideas

Mothers and mother figures are indispensable. 

Every day should be Mother’s Day really!

Is there a better relationship in this world than that between a mother and their child? Yes relationship with Dads are pretty cool but let’s be honest mum’s just have a softer spot for most of us.

A mother’s love is truly priceless; total devotion, boundless love, and unmatched dedication are just but the few adjectives that can be used to describe the extraordinary love of mothers. Even after nurturing us in the womb for nine months, mothers still sacrifice their entire life shaping our future. 

Some people argue that without mothers, society would be smaller, colder, and people would be more ill-mannered, and this sums it all up. That’s why May 9th has been specially set aside for them. 

Mother’s Day is special because, on that day, we get to celebrate the feelings, emotions, and unconditional love of the very first human we ever met on earth. Truly speaking, taking just a single day out of a whole year to celebrate mothers is not even enough. Mothers deserve our love and care every day. 

For me, Mother’s Day has a deeper meaning because on that day, I get to celebrate my birthday as well. This day is like a God-given gift to me, I get to celebrate my birthday, and this amazing person who taught me how to nurture and love, how to be sympathetic and empathetic, and most of all, how to be someone other people can look up to. How amazing is that? 

Holistic gifts are high-quality, healthy, safe, and mostly all-natural gifts. And the best part is that you can create them cheaply. Win-win, right? Holistic gifts inspire us, they improve the surroundings and add value to the lives of everyone around us. And what’s better than a gift that she will not have to throw out after a week?

Here are some excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas that all mothers will love;

1. Natural bath salts

Treat your mother to a relaxing at-home spa that she truly deserves. The best bath bombs will perfectly soothe your mothers’ muscles and do away with the occasional stress. There are many amazing bath salts to choose from depending on the experience you are looking for. 

Natural bath bombs that are free from chemicals and preservatives are thoughtful gifts that many mothers will fall in love with. 

My all-time favorite is the Cuccio Somatology yoga! Milk Bath with Epsom salts and buttermilk to relax sore muscles and loosen tight joints. 

Bath salts will give your mom a spa day experience every time she steps into the bath. 

2. Eco-friendly cleaners 

We know how much a lot of mothers love a clean and fresh-smelling home.

And every day, they expose themselves to harmful chemicals in dishwashing liquids, bathroom, toilet, glass, and tub cleaners, drain openers, and laundry detergents. Why not make your mother’s cleaning experience a low-risk experience by gifting them an all-natural eco-friendly cleaning product?

Or even better hire a cleaner to do it this month so she gets a break.

A study done by the Environmental Working Group’s 2009 reported that chemicals in cleaners can cause cancer, disruption of hormones, neurotoxicity, and asthma. Help her reduce her exposure to these harmful chemicals this Mother’s Day.  

You can even whip some DIY natural cleaners yourself and surprise her with them. 

3. Gym membership 

Treat your mom to a local gym membership or local fitness club membership if she is a fitness fanatic and she doesn’t belong to any gym yet. She will be spoilt for choice with all the activities she can do at the local club. 

She will also access to the swimming pool and the steam rooms. Many memberships also offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. 

Who knows, she might even meet new people and start new friendships. I know my mum did, prior to lockdown she was fast becoming a Pilates and aqua Queen!

4. A recycled happiness journal

If your mom isn’t too tech-savvy, then she will appreciate a happiness journal. A journal is a perfect way to encourage her to start a new hobby; journaling. 

She can practice journaling for just a few minutes every day. This will not only improve her general mood but will also introduce her to the idea of living each day with gratitude. With a happiness journal, your mom will truly start to appreciate and be grateful for all the little things life offers. 

5. Sustainable wallet 

Mothers are usually so obsessed with taking care of other people that they forget that they deserve a little care for themselves. Your mother may be walking around with a money holder that’s a little too tired or worn out without even noticing. 

If she is stylish and fashion-conscious, she will appreciate a new fabulous wallet. What’s more, you will be in her thoughts every time she grabs it to take out some money or some cards. And that’s probably every day, right? So get her a wallet that doesn’t scream put me away!

6. Recipe book 

Is your mother a lover of lavish meals? Is she obsessed with baking? Is she passionate about healthy living and diets? Inspire her food passion with new recipes that she will easily fall in love with. 

Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from some of her cooking and create your own little recipe book of some of your favorite meals that she used to cook for your family as a child. This is a gift she will appreciate because it will evoke those nice memories of moments otherwise gone. 

You can also opt for cooking classes with your mom’s favorite chef. Book for online classes or just surprise her with an evening cook class with the chef in person. She will be blown away for sure. 

7. Kitchenware 

If your mom loves to get creative in the kitchen, then she will appreciate the addition of new and interesting kitchenware. A new gadget, a personalized chopping board, or some new pieces of china will make her think about you every time she steps into her kitchen.

8. Memory foam pillow  

Studies show that 1 out of every 3 adults suffers from poor sleep quality which results in body aches and painful necks. If your mom is one of them, maybe a comfortable pillow is just the perfect remedy she didn’t know she wanted. 

Foam pillows improve sleep quality and help reduce sore muscles. 

With an excellent memory foam pillow, your mom will finally enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep that she rightfully deserves.

9. Beautiful scarves 

The right accessory can knock up an outfit from plain boring to chic and fashionable. Find some beautiful, stylish scarves in summery colors and watch her face light up as you surprise her with them. 

Choose light silk or cotton materials that she can use during warm weather and heavy materials she can use during the cold months. 

Scarves are every mama’s favorite, and these, she will approve. 

10. All-natural, non-toxic perfumes 

There are certain luxuries that your moms may not have indulged in because mums always put other first- two of them being expensive perfumes and cosmetics. This is a good thing for you because now you have an excuse to spoil her with one of her favorite fragrances this Mother’s Day. Older mums often love Opium and Lancôme. 

Raid her dressing table to find out her favorite, all-natural perfume option. Alternatively, you can speak to a perfume expert to get the most suitable recommendations based on other things that she likes. 

Be keen about anything she’s allergic to and avoid it. You don’t want to spoil Mother’s Day with the wrong gift. 

11. Coloring books 

Yes, there are adult coloring books on the market today. Studies show that activities that engage the brain can slow the onset of dementia, keep the brain sharp and reduce stress levels. Adult coloring books are now available in most bookstores. 

Your mother will appreciate lessons in coloring, shading, and patterns. And the best news is, she doesn’t need any art experience or special skills to enjoy this fun hobby.

12. Essential oils

Essential oils are versatile, and they are aromatic too. Find an eco-friendly brand of essential oils that your mother can add to her DIY cleaning products, beauty products, or dispense for aromatherapy. 

There are a lot of essential oils that you can buy for different purposes. Just make sure you know her favorite fragrance and don’t hesitate to surprise her with that on Mother’s Day. 

13. Mini-flower garden

You want to send her flowers, but not those she will have to throw out after a week. You can get her potted native wildflowers that she can enjoy all year round. Native wildflowers are beautiful and require little to minimum maintenance. 

Your mom will have fun caring for and watching them grow. She will also love the birds and butterflies that will come to visit the beautiful flowers. 

Help your mom spread beauty around this Mother’s Day!

14. Quality Time Together

Nothing beats organizing a quality time together. Whether it’s for a walk and lunch or shopping or just sitting to watch a movie together.

There is no greater gift than spending quality time together.

And don’t forget the card! Send the card along with any of these gifts that you think suits her best. There are also Mother’s Day E-cards available online that you can send to make her day memorable. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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