Father’s Day – Because Dads Need Love Too!


Did you know that one of the most common first-word babies utter is dada or some variations of the word dad?

Surprising, right?

There is usually so much hype and fanfare around a “mother’s love,” and it is certainly well deserved, but why are fathers never celebrated with the same level of enthusiasm? We all know Mother’s Day is way bigger than any Father’s Day could ever be, and not just for card manufacturers and florists but also for scriptwriters and songwriters who’ve entertained us with mother-themed movies and songs since time immemorial.

Studies have revealed, in recent years, that the average expenditure on Mother’s Day is 43% more than the expenditure on Father’s Day. Could it be because of the bizarre generalization and perception of mothers being seen as nurturers while fathers are supposed to be providers?

Dads are underpaid, in my opinion. Not only are they overworked, but they are also painfully underappreciated.

In our contemporary world, most fathers feed, bathe, watch over the kids and give millions of hugs. Even better, fathers are the ones sent outside to investigate strange or scary noises in the dead of the night. The noises may turn out to be nothing more than some neighbours cat stuck in the pantry; still, they do it without complaints.

And that’s not the point.

fathers deserve love too

The point is fatherhood is a demanding, full-time job. It is a varied task, with endless hours of commitment, just like motherhood. Sadly, we don’t speak of it or appreciate it enough. Many fathers have sacrificed their dreams because of the commitment they have for their families. They are always around, making sure everyone has whatever they need whenever they need it.  

Are you familiar with the 5 love languages? When you understand them, you will see that fathers love us dearly; even if they express it in a different way to mothers. They break their back and toil for many hours in and out of the home to provide for the family. This is their way of expressing love.

This is why we should treat Father’s Day with the honor it deserves.

What and When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a time distinctively set apart by families all over the world to honor and appreciate all men and father figures who have embraced the indispensable obligation of fatherhood. Many people choose this day to appreciate the sacrifice and responsibility taken by fathers to nurture, raise, teach and devote themselves to their families.

On this day, most fathers will get ties, socks, barbecue sauces, or anything they might have mentioned during the year. Most spouses and older kids will pore through quotes on the internet to spot one whose words are perfect enough to convey their unconditional love to their favorite fathers and father figures.

The 3rd Sunday of June is the most popular day for Father’s Day celebrations. Portugal, Spain, and Italy chose March 19th to mark Father’s Day as they commemorate the Feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of fathers.

Scandinavian countries first celebrated it in June with the rest of the world, but later changed it to every 2nd Sunday of November from 1949. They did this to boost sales during the quiet period before Christmas and to place it at least half a year after Mother’s Day.

The Taiwanese government chose 8th August as the perfect day for Father’s Day.

What’s the Story Behind Father’s Day?   

The concept of celebrating Father’s Day and making it a special time wasn’t well received in the beginning – perhaps as one expert revealed, “ because fathers don’t hold the same level of appeal as mothers do.”

Fathers were first honored on July 5th, 1908 during a Sunday sermon in a West Virginia Church after 362 men lost their lives in a coal mine explosion. At this point, this celebration was more of a one-time thing rather than an annual holiday.

In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, a widower’s daughter from Washington and a mother of 6 set out on a mission to make Father’s Day an official day equal to Mother’s Day. With support from government officials, local churches, the YMCA, and shopkeepers she successfully convinced the state to make Father’s Day official. On June 19th, 1910, Washington State led the first nationwide celebrations in honor of all fathers.

The ideas spread, albeit slowly. In 1916, President Wilson honored Father’s Day when he unfurled a flag in Spokane using telegraphic signals. By 1924, state governments all over the US were being encouraged to honor Father’s Day.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the ideal occasion to express your affection and show appreciation for all the extraordinary father figures who have been your life guides. Every father is unique. They come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they were present from day one, or you barely bonded with them because they worked long hours to provide enough for the family or you met them later in life – celebrating fathers should be at the top of your list.

Father’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. The internet has it all, from funny dad memes to sweet Father’s Day quotes and much more. You can even post funny, goofy selfies with your dad to celebrate him and make him laugh.

You can pick out an awesome gift and write sweet messages on his card, but most importantly, choosing activities that make him bond and feel closer to the people he cares for the most (his kids) would be the best reward.

Spending quality time with him will make him feel super special.

Before you start planning, think about the kind of celebrations your dad would love. Is he an active person or is he a low-key laid-back individual? You can opt for free activities that can be done at the comfort of your home or those that will take you several miles away from home. Rules don’t apply!

On that note – here is an incomplete list of some inspiring things you can do to make Father’s Day 2021 an extra special and well-deserved one for all the amazing dads, grandfathers, and stepdads out there!

  1. Family game night

Is your father competitive and creative? Father’s Day is the perfect time to challenge him with classic games such as Monopoly, Jenga, and Charades. If he prefers trivia and brain teasers, don’t hesitate to take advantage of that and spend quality time testing his mind with them. You can even take it a step further and host a trivia night for the whole family.

Game nights give you a chance to create lasting memories and relive old ones. A beautiful game night gives you a sense of bonding and belonging.

A nice, tech-free, face-to-face family time with the man who raised you is more valuable than you can ever imagine.

  1. Explore the water

Spend some quality time with him near a water source. You can rent out a personal watercraft or a boat and teach him how to ride on it if he is not familiar with it yet or even better you both have a session with an instructor. A more pocket-friendly option would be to take him fishing- you can hire the equipment or dust off his fishing gear if life has stopped your dad from carrying on with this favourite pastime.

Dads have truly revolutionized the sport of fishing. Without them, it wouldn’t be the same thing it is today. That’s why fishing on Father’s Day truly celebrates their contribution to society as a whole.

  1. Get tickets to his favorite game

Is your dad a wrestling, baseball, basketball, or football enthusiast? Buy tickets and take him to his favorite game on Father’s Day. We all know the game is usually ten times as exciting when you are watching it live and in real-time compared to the screen version of it.

If he loves art, perhaps take him to an exposition that he hasn’t been to and if you can’t get him tickets to his favourite concert why not organize karaoke with the rest of the family. To rendition music of his favourite band, this will fun not just for dad but for the entire family!

  1. Head out to the golf course

If you were to ask him how he would like to spend his Father’s Day, golfing would certainly be at the top of his list. Dads love golf, it would be safe to say that most of them are truly smitten. Father’s Day is the ideal occasion to make his wishes come true.

Treat him to some tee time at his preferred golf course. Make him feel extra special by arranging his transportation and organizing his gear well ahead of time. You can rest assured that this is something he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

  1. Go on a beer tasting spree

Do you know your dad’s favorite brewski? Well, on Father’s Day you are allowed to spoil him with a refreshing pint of his favorite cocktails. The best treat, however, would be a beer-tasting affair with a wide variety of local lagers, ales, and IPA’s.

He may even fall in love with a new flavor. What’s better than knowing you helped him pick it out? He will be thanking you for this for a long time.

  1. Take him out to steak dinner

If you were a Dad, would you not appreciate a nice plate of steak and chips served with your favorite bourbon? Of course, you would!

So fire up your stovetop and arm yourself with the right recipe to spoil him all the way. Practice everything ahead of time and make sure you got what it takes to sear the steak perfectly.

They love us so much and they do a lot for us already, they shouldn’t be responsible for Father’s Day dinner too.

  1. Work out together

You should do your dad’s favorite fun activity on Father’s Day, even if it means a family workout session. Forget the gym for once and go for a run or a jog on a trail or along the water. If the weather is not friendly, let him choose another workout that both of you or the entire family can enjoy indoors.

If he loves kickboxing or golfing, you can surprise him with a brand-new membership at a local gym, studio, or club.

Join him there if you live close enough and bond over his newfound pastime. He is more likely to stick to the routine and stay in shape when he has a fitness buddy by his side.

  1. Plan a road trip

Were you a fan of vacations and road trips as a child? Your dad was probably the all-time designated driver, right? It’s time to return the favor. Drive up to that exciting location you plan on surprising him with this Father’s Day.

And the best part is that you are free to make it as long as it suits both of you. Visit nearby towns and cities if you are short on time; you can do this within a day. If you are more interested in the ultimate experience, plan an extensive trip and spoil him with a bona fide vacation.

Make the road trip better by incorporating his favorite hobbies. If he loves history, for example, you can come up with a travel plan that stops at the best historic sites and landscapes. If he is a fan of ice cream, make sure he samples all ice creams in all the top-rated ice cream shops along your route. 

  1. Order pizza and have a video game bash

If your dad is more of the fun, laid-back type, don’t bug him too much. Let him stay in his comfort zone for Father’s Day. Give him the dad off- no chores, no running after little ones; simply a day he can put his feet up.

Maybe you can even play some video games together, Introduce him to all the new ones in the market. Ask him to teach you some of his favorite classic games and have fun seeing who’s best at them.

You can also decide on a day out to the arcade and make it a family day out.

And in case dad is a little be older, spending the day with him and having a takeaway or even bringing catered meal if you want to go the extra mile. To remind him of how grateful the family is for all the sacrifices he made.

Some final thoughts

Too often it may feel that Father’s Day is simply to compensate for having Mother’s Day. But this isn’t true; Fathers are just as integral to society and therefore rightly deserve their very own day of celebration

Make Father’s Day the most memorable day of your dad’s life with fun activities and gifts. Because after all, Dads need love just as much as the rest of us! 

Looking for ways to make your life simpler and happier? I have numerous tips to help you.

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fathers deserve love too

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