Black Lives Matter Is About Making Our Voices Heard

2020 so far has been that year! A global pandemic, restrictive living, and a pinnacle in the lives of all Black People. No doubt we all heard about the horrific killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to fathom that another human-being could act in such a way towards another because of colour is difficult for anyone who values all human lives.

From the darkness of these events came the positive coming together of black and white people to fight against police brutality and racism. For so long it seemed as though there was no hope, many black people simply find a way to live with it; the clutching of the purse when you walk by or the racial profiling. We felt to talk about it would make it worse so we prayed that we could at least just be left to fight the institutional resistance most of us face.

In his dying words “I can’t BREATHE”, George spoke for every black or oppressed individual. That’s just it, you can’t breathe when your constantly expected to perform above and beyond your white counterparts; you can’t breathe when a black man is depicted as a thug or reduced to the gratification of his sexual organ. Then literally when you are presumed guilty, trialed and suffocated for supposedly using a $20 counterfeit note, but that yesterday is being smashed. In memory of all the black people who were brutally murdered we will no longer be silent nor cower but stand to fight oppression.

Black Lives Matter

Why Should We Care about Black Lives Matter?

  1. We fight today for a better tomorrow

We may not see the fruits of our labour today but tomorrow’s generation will. Our world needs a shift, one towards consciousness and that means love of all people, nature; tolerance, and respect towards what is different.

BLM and such organizations matter because it is a beacon of this change and although not perfect in its manifesto and methods at times it is key in driving forward this change. If we do not learn from this year 2020; then we will be forced to and in a much harsher way. The universe, God has sent us a message and it is time we realise that every one of us is connected.  

My actions, your actions have repercussions to others; even if you’re white BLM matters to you. The world is integrating more and more each day, how do you know your grandchild or future partner won’t be of colour or you will not depend on the mercy of a black person tomorrow, who may choose not to give it because your face represents hate and fear.

  1. Slavery has been revamped

Slavery still very much exists, I have already eluded to it; I know how often I have sat and heard white female so-called friends say “I wanna have mixed-raced children”. Smiling at me as though I ought to feel privileged that they found a use for us or questions about my brothers and if they had managed to stay out of prison. I wish these were jokes!

Slavery didn’t end it took on the form of mental imprisonment which perhaps is worse because often a lot of us don’t even realise we are still in chains. Every human should have the right to live free of violence and forced imprisonment.

  1. We have a voice that deserves to be heard

The greatest human need is to be loved, accepted for who they are; to be heard. It became the default for many black people, acceptance that your voice didn’t matter worse still you were expected to be quiet and particularly for those who work in big organisations; you sat quietly and prayed to slip through unnoticed.

Black people, better yet Africans we have history, a culture that without it this world would be a lot less colourful. Many are intolerant of another colour out of ignorance; this is the opportunity to be openly curious. I welcome questions about my culture, I am willing and ready to talk to non-black people about the journey in my shoes.

By sharing our black voices and stories we strengthen black, bi-racial children of today who will face identity challenges by giving them the powerful option of being black and proud. I still recall when we were little, my 8-year-old sister coming home and asking our mum how she could change her hair so she could be more beautiful.

This may have started as a fight against police brutality towards black people but we now see that our oppression is deeper than this. We need to support black businesses, showcase black talent and beauty.

  1. All Lives Matter Though

No one doubts this but let’s focus on who’s life was taken because of their colour; a BLACK life not white, not yellow, not blue, but BLACK so the focus must be on this primarily.

This has always been the issue yet again as blacks we have to seek permission to make ourselves, our needs a priority; well in 2020 we have chosen to give ourselves that permission. 

  1. Bringing Blacks Together

Due to slavery, we were cast around the world, even within Africa, many tribes were separated due to colonization. BLM movement has reinforced the need for ALL blacks to come together as one, as Africans.

We are more than just a colour; our cultures within Africa are vast and our history even richer. To divide ourselves by such thoughts as I m not African but African American for instance makes no sense; let us go back to our roots, learn and move forward in unity and a better understanding of how we can heal our pains.   

What The Future Holds

 I have been amazed and humbled by the number of non-black people who came out in support of this movement. The world is changing, moving slowly towards a recognition that we were all created in His greatness. That my brother or sister can be of a different colour or religion to myself; that wars serve no purpose other than that of the ego.

Every black person dreams of a day when he or she will be fairly judged on their merit, live free of persecution, and be loved, accepted as we are.

In the words of the great Martin Luther King:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”

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