Soulful Pursuit

Looking to discover how to have a more holistic lifestyle?  To be awakened and purpose-driven?

Do you like most of us think life can be hectic, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming? We are living in times when frankly we all need a personal therapist! Or at least a friend who not only understands but has the experience and the knowledge to help you through.

Whether you need further clarity as to how to live a more mindful life or simply understanding a lot of the chatter out there about purpose, spirituality, wellbeing, and how these are just as important as good physical health. 

Then you are in the right place.

Hi! I am Dr. Jessica Uruakpa (MRCGP, MBBS), if you’re wondering the ‘k’ is silent but Dr. Jessica is also just fine! The creator of Soulful Pursuit. I am also a Family Physician primarily based in the Uk with experiences in Psychiatry, Women’s Health, Acute medicine but my medical passion is in Holistic Health and Wellbeing!

Why is Holistic Health and Wellbeing Important?

Simple. Over the years I have come to see that no patient of mine, be it following a heart attack; or a depressive episode can be treated in isolation. What I mean by that is, take my 42-year-old male who has had a heart attack. He not only needs cardiac rehabilitation, but he may also be worried about his finances due to potentially being off work for weeks perhaps even months. He may later down the road come to see me worried about the physical intimacy between him and his partner.

Holistic health focuses not just on one element of a person’s condition or problem but encompasses the entire person and their environment. To achieve this a person’s wellbeing in regards to both their mind and body are key.

And that’s where I come in!

I'm here to help you...

So Soulful Pursuit is a medical blog?

Soulful Pursuit

Well yes and no. Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

 I am also a writer and budding entrepreneur. In 2011 I packed my bags knowing that I had a calling to discover my purpose in this world and headed to the motherland…. Nigeria. And what a journey it was!

I set up two businesses, a social enterprise(Blacknv) in which we educated women on health issues such as Breast cancer and Cervical cancer. We further dealt with mental health issues, which are so often a taboo in African society.

My second business, a transport based; included me buying what we call Keke napep. I employed local male youths who otherwise would not have had a way to feed their family. It was small but I knew this was also who I was. 

But I needed to do more. I saw a similar struggle in the faces of those I met in Nigeria to my patients and those I met in everyday life in the UK, indeed the west. That is, often a disconnect between the ‘true self’, the ‘soul’ and the self, ‘the ego’ that most reside in.

With this, I too became aware that only by sharing my truest self with the world would I fully nourish my soul and help others most effectively do the same. 

The goal

By bringing together my unique skills as a Doctor, storyteller, and Entrepreneur. To help you achieve the best possible version of yourself with the limited time we have all been gifted on this earth.

Each and every person deserves the opportunity to express themselves to their fullest capacity. In order to live a more fulfilled and abundant life.

As someone who has personally transformed their lives by focusing on her inner health and feeding her soul. I can tell you that the health benefits and results I have seen both in my physical and mental wellbeing, outweighs any calorie restriction diet I have ever been on!

So if you too are interested in transforming your life. In pursuing and nourishing your ‘soul’ thereby cultivating a happier and more balanced life.

Then start here! 


“Happiness lies within the pursuit of the soul” (Dr. Jessica Uruakpa)

Soulful Pursuit