A New Dawn Emerges

Love bade me

Hope is the thing with feathers-

that perches in the soul-

And sings the tune without the words-

And never stops- at all-  (Emily Dickinson)

Never have times been more uncertain than at present. How long will we be in lockdown? What will life look like post-Covid-19? No one has the answers, not even the experts. Many are struggling; financially, mentally, spiritually, and sadly much more.

It almost seems as though there is little to look forward to or remain hopeful about. But there is; despite the devasting lives lost to this virus there is reason to remain hopeful. If we are not careful we start to forget death unfortunately occurred before Coronavirus and will after it. Yes, the deaths the day before this current situation did not limit our freedom nor cause mass hysteria. But still, as a human race we should acknowledge all those who have lost someone, be it to Corona or not. Compassion should not be conditional just as hope must not be lost.

From these events we can usher in a new dawn. One filled with reflection, about how we interact with one another, the environment and a conscious decision to live a more mindful existence. In knowing, that as day must always follow night, so too will this pass. If we choose to focus on what this new dawn means to each of us, then that works to keep our hope alive.

Moving forward, choose to not take any moment spent with loved ones, and each day you rise for granted. Look for the good in all, decide to forgive and move forward with your life than harbour grudges. Pursue your dream with a new fervour and faith that it will bear fruit. Now is the time to start daily practices that will help anxiety and stress. That will ease fears heightened during this period but will also serve as a useful tool in the future. Because unfortunately life will bite us all at some point again.

It is important to focus not on the despair but on what lessons this has taught us. Do I need to work on my health? To spend more time with family? Get out your notebook and start reflecting on these lessons. At first it may seem hard to find anything positive to take away from this situation. But trust me stay with it long enough and you will.

For me, I have learned to be even more spontaneous! I have decided even though I  may not travel abroad I will explore where I am right now. The aim is to test my ability to grow even with uncertainty. Why? Because I know now more than ever that to crave and depend on certainty to succeed at one’s goals is ultimately a set up for failure. For me family has always been my certainty, I can always come home to my siblings or my parents. It has also meant that I have declined opportunities to travel or even love without these self-imposed restrictions. Leading to an often limited viewpoint and hence growth. I can be a better daughter, sister by being my best self; to be your best self you must challenge yourself.

There is a new world forming; you can choose to see the uncertainty in a negative light or use it to inspire innovation and creativity within you.

Shakespeare said “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”

Rape, war, feminine are all bad. Yes undoubtedly, I neither think Shakespeare intended for us to start to feel these things were good. But rather when faced with any difficulty to reframe our minds. To see that in time by keeping faith and steadfast in our thoughts that we can overcome anything.

I encourage you to focus on the positive and the adventure, yes adventure ahead! If you have sadly lost loved ones focus on the time spent with them. Remember that they would want you to honor their memory by living and doing so to your best. Begin actioning the lessons you wrote down. If yours like mine involves travel then put a map on your wall and visualize your destination daily even if it is within your home country. Whatever it is you can start somewhere no matter how small the step it is still as worthwhile!

I say “adios” to the time we once knew and I choose not to dwell on what has been lost. Instead I say “Good morning” to whatever lies ahead.

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe – (Dalai Lama)

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