5 Ways to Align with the Universe.

align with the universe

What does it mean to be in alignment with the universe?

To be in alignment with the universe simply means knowing inwardly that you are living according to the divine plan and not getting distracted by things going on around you.

The universe is vast and full of power in the form of possibility and energy. Its earthly heaven is providing you with a secure path to success and wellness. It provides you with both the vision and will require to achieve your goals by bringing you closer to knowing who you are.

To achieve total control of that energy and knowledge, there are several ways and methods. In this article, we will be showing you how to prepare yourself for your pursuit of success and wellbeing through aligning yourself with the universe.

Put in mind that your relationship with the universe is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. One that is too ignorant to love, cannot expect to be loved. The same concept applies to the universe, you’ll have to love yourself first, and then the universe will provide you with every gift that you deserve.

Below, I have compiled the five different ways to help you align with the universe.

align with the universe

You can Align with the Universe by:


By healing, I’m not referring to medical treatments. Even though medical treatments are a necessity, what I meant by healing was spiritual salvation.

Most of us are too stuck in the past, so much that the present and the future are uncared for.

You can either be so lost in the mistakes of your past that you lose all that you could get in the present and future, or you can be so attached to your past successes that you start missing out on your present and…future.

Either way, you’re not working towards anything anymore, you’re barely living and you’re living to torture yourself.

My goal, your goal, our goal is to take you out of that state and place you on the right path towards bringing out the best of you.

The first step towards relieving yourself from the burdens of your past is to forgive.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Mistakes are essential when it comes to improving and becoming a better person. You make a mistake, you fall, you learn, you stand up and then you apply your lesson.

Forgive others for their mistakes and relieve yourself from grudges. We all make mistakes, it is part of being human. But, we all learn and apply that learning. Which is why we all deserve to be forgiven. Regardless of how hard you may find it, it has to be done for the better being of yourself and the world.

After you’ve learned how to forgive yourself, the world around you and how to focus that forgiveness on the improvements which you can apply on yourself and the world, everything around you becomes better and you’re now ready to progress to the next step.

Acknowledge that your body is a gift from the universe.

Your body is a vessel that contains your mind and your spiritual energy. You can’t possibly expect the contents of a vessel to remain in good shape if the vessel itself is not.

The vessel has to be kept in a shape in which it is clean and functioning. That way the content within it can grow safely in an environment that supports it.

Which is why you have to take care of your body.

The amount of love you give to yourself should reflect on your body, to give a sign to the world that you’re ready to love it and to share your love with it.

It’ll give signs to the people around you that you’re functioning, that you’re ready to help them and that you can help yourself.

A body that is well-cared for will help you achieve your spirituality. It will also place you in closer contact with the universe as you are caring for a gift that was given to you by the universe.

It is going to change how you are perceived by the people around you and how you are treated.

Start looking after your hygiene. Start exercising. Start dieting properly. Start dressing properly and you’ll find yourself in better places than you are now.

Figure out your gifts.

On a road of exertion towards knowing who you are, you need to know where your gifts are. The things you are gifted at, the things that you can do more easily than others.

And you can’t get to that knowledge without going out there and trying different aspects of life by yourself.

What are you good at doing? What kind of situations do you shine in the most? Do you prefer to confront your life head-on or a laid back kind of planning? Just who are you?

Regardless of which question you’re trying to answer, you can’t answer it just by thinking.

We all live our lives trying to grasp the reality of who we are. The only method to do so is by watching how we act at different times and where we tend to go in different situations.

How we handle hardships and where our comfort-zones are. All of these are part of your gifts, that you have to know about to know how to improve.

Exert the effort required and invest the time to know who you are. It will help you know what you need to improve and how to improve it. It will help you determine where you’d like to go.

Practice Gratitude.

After you’ve freed yourself from your past, healed and learned from your mistakes, after you’ve looked after who you are on the outside and cared for your body, after you’ve figured what your gifts are and what you’re good at, it is time to be grateful.

Time to show the universe that you appreciate everything it has given you. It’s like setting a new checkpoint where you are ready to start your journey of pursuing greatness.

Gratitude is shown by having grace in everything you do and by making sure to look after everything that you’ve gained so far. All of your gifts, pieces and bits of who you are needs looking after. It needs to be constantly polished and improved for it to not be lost.

Take the time to evaluate yourself and to realize how far you’ve gone from where you started and be grateful for that improvement by keeping up the effort and work.

Seek guidance.

By the time you’ve completed all of the previous 4 steps, you’re ready to form a deeper connection with the universe. Something you’ll need to seek guidance for.

Guidance will help you determine how to continue making progress after you face a dead end or after you reach a point where you think you can’t make any more progress.

It will help you realize what you’re lacking, what’s the mistake that you haven’t been able to learn from yet and what’s standing between you and the Vibrational Universe.

Guidance will open your mind to different perspectives and it will keep you prepared for every encounter with the Vibrational Universe.

After applying the 5 steps, you’ll find yourself in a better place than you’re now. The possibilities of the spiritual realm will be more visible in front of you and they will be so inviting. That will be your chance to get to better places, so make sure you’re always awake and in shape to take it

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