5 Sure-Fire Ways to Feel Worthy of Love

feel worthy of love

It’s ironic how the one thing we all want most is the one thing that sometimes seems so hard to find. Especially a true lasting romantic love. And what makes it even more elusive is it’s beyond our control when and sometimes how it happens. But we all deserve it and can have amazing romantic love, problem is often we stand in our own way. One of those ways is feeling unworthy of love.

Even when all else in your life seems so easy to get going or accomplish you can’t shake that thought that says “I’m too this for love, or I’m unlucky in love”. Well it’s not true, and no it isn’t easy to find love but it definitely is within your control showing up in a way that love will come your way.

Why you may feel unworthy of love

I totally get it, I have been there without even knowing it. Because for so long I was told women who got married or were in a loving relationship were petite without even realising it I decided that for me like me at nearly 6ft it was going to be mission impossible. Although I was up to the task of this having this mindset meant I showed up expecting love to be difficult and guess what it always was.

So dig deep and be honest about why you may feel unworthy of love. Could feeling unworthy of love be subconsciously what’s preventing you from having that amazing partner? Because that’s just it there is someone for everyone so unless you have unhealthy habits, have a toxic mindset then love if you should want it is also looking for you.

Figure out what story you’ve been telling yourself and smash it to pieces! Because 90% of the time it’s crap. There is no age limit, size limit, colour limit to love.

It comes down to knowing your worth and making a commitment to bring forward your best self.

Of  course that amazing long lasting love doesn’t just happen, no it happens when you show up with positivity, and commitment to being your most authentic, healthy and beautiful self. It happens when you decide to choose a partner based on your core values and purpose not your ego. It requires you to trust that you deserve and you can have true love.

It is time to let go and forgive past mistakes, to challenge your mind when it tries to convince you that you need to be perfect to have love. Make the decision to break these old habits, and to start taking steps towards feeling worthy and preparing yourself for love.

feel worthy of love

Here are 5 action steps you can take to feel worthy of love

  1. List out things you love about yourself

Get a notebook and write down the things you love about yourself. It might feel cheesy at first but trust me, you’ll get used to it over time. You need to keep writing every positive trait about yourself and everything you love about yourself. By doing this you will see all the beautiful things that your partner will or does love about you and that way you start to feel worthy of love again.

  1. Remind yourself that love is possible for you

Usually, someone who has been through a painful breakup will create an image in their mind about relationships. I’m certain you must have stumbled on people who think there are no good partner anywhere. Just in case you’ve been thinking that way, I need you to stop and rewrite the story. Most negative statements you’ve made about relationships are only as true as we make them. And because we have strong thoughts, we believe it. So why not start telling yourself a new story- “I am an amazing, loving person who has a healthy loving partner”.

  1. Love every area of your life

Another way I recommend to feel worthy of love is to give love. When you do, you receive it back in abundance. Don’t decide that your generosity will be reserved only for your romantic interest. Open your heart now to family, friends, co-workers, those less fortunate. Realise that love is the ultimate act which connects us all and love outside of a romantic relationship is just as worthwhile.

  1. Imagine you’re in a loving relationship

Sometimes, it starts with visualizing what we wish to attract. So close your eyes right now and picture the relationship you wish for. How do they make you feel? What activities will you do together ? And how will you feel once you’ve found the love of your life. I find this activity is most powerful done just before bed.

  1. Write down your affirmations and put it on your wall:

Saying encouraging words to yourself every morning before stepping out of your house or doing any activity can go a long way. The emotions behind affirmations make them really effective and they bring up amazing feelings from within.

So try out these affirmations:

  • I am doing the best I can.
  • “Progress, not perfection.”
  • I am here, and that matters. ❤️
  • I am strong and thriving
  • I am enough.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am a soul of love. A heart of peace. A mind of stillness. A being of light.
  • I am not my feelings. This is temporary. I make small steps I am proud of.
  • I love my perseverance. I’ve proven that I’m strong, smart, alert, motivated, and capable.

Affirmations and inspiring quotes are good way to get start recalibrating your mind towards the direction you wish to go.

I know it can seem like love is so hard to find and that you perhaps don’t deserve it but I know you do. I also know that we were created to love and be loved it takes stepping out of our own way, killing the noise and find the truth; that sets you free to feel worthy of love. So go on and put yourself back out there for that amazing partner who is looking for you.

If you want more uplifting quotes then read these 20 inspirational quotes for women to stay motivated. 

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